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Time for the state to shift its AHSS on higher education policy?

Brian M. Lucey

Ranking season is upon us with the QS rankings of subject areas (not, as is commonly though, Departments) now revealed. Again we find that despite the hype Irish universities are stronger in Arts and Humanities than in the STEM areas. This is in stark contrast to the financial flows to these areas and in even starker contrast to the government and regulatory thrust. Evidence of sustained internationally recognised quality in the AHSS (arts, humanities and social science) area does not translate into funding, support or recognition. Perhaps its time it did?

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Free access to “Arts and Humanities in Higher Education”, for one week…

Screen Shot 2015-01-22 at 21.53.12Free access for 10 days to Arts and Humanities in Higher Education: an international journal of theory, research and practice to download all articles in the issue, including “Making an impact: New directions for arts and humanities research” by HEPRU’s Ellen Hazelkorn. Also features articles by HERAVALUE colleagues Paul BenneworthMagnus Gulbrandsen, and Siri Aanstad.

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